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If you should have...

any questions about my work please, please feel free to contact me at or if you are interested in purchasing a painting, feel welcome to drop by my studio and take a look at them in person.

Thank you.

I'd like to thank those who support me or inspire me here:
Nick Butcher, for your daily inspiration and your courage; Pia Nakanishi, for her love of native American art and culture that trickled down to me; Sabine Nakanishi, for her sustained belief in my choices; Ester Vonplon, for being my buddy number one; Dan Sinker, for bringing me to Chicago and taking a chance with an un-cool kid; Jay Ryan, for his ongoing mentorship and pure proof of D.I.Y spirit; Diana Sudyka, for her encouragement and inspiration; Mat Daly, for his kindred spirit and great visuals; Sue Daly, for helping us out when I was most in need of help; Jenn Farrell, for reminding me you don't need anyone to persue your craft; Mike Bingaman, who gave Sonnenzimmer the tools to a great start; and to so many in Chicago who believe it's not just N.Y or L.A but everything in between and for making that happen every day!

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